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This class caters for toddlers from when they are walking independently and confidently (approximately 1 year) to two years of age. 

The focus of this class is to encourage and stimulate each child according to their specific needs and requirements in order to ensure that they reach their developmental milestones.  We begin learning to share, listen and follow simple instructions. We follow a theme-based curriculum, where a different theme is taught every week. Our children are therefore constantly exposed to different vocabulary throughout the year, which is vital for their comprehension as well as their rapidly developing speech skills. 

Our classroom has an indoor/outdoor feel to it with big glass doors that open out onto our own separate play area filled with stimulating age-appropriate equipment. This little class starts their day with a short Morning Ring lead by the teacher and based on the week’s theme. We have daily outside time, which includes a messy play station, and we participate in individual and group art activities. We have ‘Baker Baker’ every Friday, where a different child each week brings some treats for their classmates. This encourages the development of a sense of pride and ownership, as well as sharing, as the Baker dresses up in a special outfit and hands out their treats to each child in turn. 

We generally begin potty training towards the end of the child’s year in this class, depending on whether the child has expressed an interest in this and we feel that they are developmentally ready.

We pay extreme attention to hygiene, especially since toddlers of this age still mouth toys frequently at this stage of their development. Toys are sterilised daily to ensure as little cross-contamination as possible. Toys are also rotated on a daily basis to maintain the babies’ interest and stimulation. The class is equipped with an air-conditioner that is serviced twice yearly, and the filter is cleaned weekly. There is also an air purifier which is constantly on to remove dust, gases and bacteria from the room. 


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Happy Valley is a private pre-school that offers excellent professional care for your little one from Monday to Friday 7am- 5pm.

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