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This class caters for our 2-3 year olds. Each child has their own locker in  which to store their belongings, and we have our own toilets and changing room adjacent to our classroom. We have our own kitchen area from which breakfast and lunch are prepared (parents to supply all meals), and a separate 'Sleepy Room' (parents provide mattress and bedding for their children). We also have our own outdoor area with age-appropriate gross motor equipment and where we do our messy play and sensory activities. Even though this year is an informal teaching year, we do still follow the CAPS curriculum themes that our senior children are learning, and we do have a daily routine and programme that we stick to. We start our day with Morning Ring, where we usually incorporate a theme-based activity. We learn about shapes, colours and numeracy, discuss the weather and news, and sing and dance. We then move on to a planned gross motor activity in our outside area or on the bike track. We have our mid-morning snack (usually a yoghurt), and then move across to our private garden where a sensory activity is set up. Following this we will do either an art activity or one-on-one fine motor activity. We will then move as a class outside for free-play time. After this we will wash up and come inside for a story, lunch and sleep.   

Socially we focus on teaching the children manners, sharing, compassion, empathy and verbal communication. We also place emphasis on toilet training this year, with the hope that (with the input from parents at home) each child will be fully potty-trained during the course of the year.  

This class is fundamentally about fun, friendship and play, and our little ones are really kept busy and stimulated with a variety of activities every day.

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Happy Valley is a private pre-school that offers excellent professional care for your little one from Monday to Friday 7am- 5pm.

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