Happy Valley Educentre Term 3 2019 Newsletter

Dear Parents, 

Many changes have taken place at Happy Valley over the June/July school holiday club.


We have been working hard to improve the appearance and resources of the school. We have three main projects on the go at the moment and there will be more as the year progresses. 

 Filling of the pool with Rubble and sand is complete! Many companies and private individuals made this possible. (A great big thank you to Anel Nel, Jean Christy and Greg and Glynnis Hayes for organising the rubble, sand and bob cats)

The tarring to make the bike track will begin soon and will be generously sponsored by the Nel family in CaterpillarsJ (Thank you so much!) The off road bike track is almost complete. The finishing touches will be the 180 tyres needed to edge the bike track to prevent the decomposed granite moving out of the track and into the grass, and of course, the sandpit!

Painting the inside and outside of the school has begun! We will continue throughout the rest of this yearJ (Paint sponsorship is very needed and welcomed to complete this project)

A huge thank you to everyone who has been involved in the renovations so far. Happy valley is looking amazing! It is because of the generosity and passion of these families that we are able to improve the school to benefit all the children.


This term’s fundraising efforts will go towards covering the costs of school maintenance, and re-painting the inside of the whole school. Your cooperation and participation in all our events are hugely appreciated, thank you!


Happy Valley would like to expand their media centre! We would like to be donated a media player to help us be able to play movies and educational series off a hard drive instead of the DVD’s we use (which are getting scratched and damaged and need replacing.) This is a costly exercise and would like to streamline the process to make it easier for teachers to show more themed- appropriate media.

We are also looking for any towels in fair condition to be donated to the school for our foot wash area J. 

New resources:

Sand for sandpits (still to arrive), 15 new black bikes (generously sponsored by the Honey family, thank you!), gravel for bike track, toys for playroom, sandpit toys, Barbies, books, puzzles and teddies. We have new shelving in the indoor playroom and a new TV bracket to mount the TV. We purchased new outside aftercare equipment and have done maintenance on all the fencing and signage of the school. We have replaced all lighting, and renovated the Bugs classroom.  The children are thrilled J.

School times:

We are open from 7am – 5pm Monday to Friday.

Early drop-off is available from 6:30am at R100 per month.

Strict late collection fees are in effect (@ R10 a minute after 5pm and R20 per hour after 2pm).


Wearing of Happy Valley shirts is compulsory from Caterpillars to Butterflies in the Third and Fourth term.

Fee payment:

Thank you to our parents who pay their fees timeously! Please note that monthly fees are due on or before the 1st of every month and penalties of 15% will be added for payments that reflect after the 4th of every month, unless otherwise organised with Amber. 

Baker Baker:

Should you wish to make a once-off payment, Baker costs will be R50 per term; otherwise please remember your R5 every Friday for this special treat day J. Funds gathered are used to maintain the large fields and gardens of the school. 

Facebook and instagram:

Please ‘like’ and ‘share’ our pages and posts – your positive testimonies do amazing things for our school! 

Sick policy:

We ask that you adhere to the school’s sick policy. Please keep your child at home if they are running a fever, have green snotty noses, are covered in suspicious bumps etc. If your child is on antibiotics, they must have had at least three doses before they may return to school. There is nothing worse than feeling sick and being sent off to school L, and this will also help prevent an epidemic of illness amongst the children and staff. Any medication that you require Teachers to administer during the day can only be done so if a Medical Slip has been filled in. 

School psychologist:

Robin Vanderplank is based at school, in the car park building. He is available at no cost to all of Happy Valley’s pupils, and offers up to two free sessions for parents. Please make use of his services if needed. (Robin Vanderplank: 082 4991 344)

Recycling and construction play:

Please donate toilet rolls, boxes, bottle tops, empty bottles, scrap material, ribbon, gift bags, wrapping paper etc. to your class teacher – we make use of almost anything J.

Bread tags: All tags are collect for Quasa (Quadriplegic association) next door and help towards buying a wheel chair for someone in need.


Please remember to close all gates once you have entered or exited the school’s property for the safety of all the children and staff at Happy Valley.

A sad farewell:

It is with great sadness that we announce the resignation of our awesome Teacher Kerry. She will only be with us until the 23 August and then will be immigrating to New Zealand with her husband. It is always sad to say good bye and we want to thank Teacher Kerry for all her love, patience and kindness shown towards the children.

As a staff we would like to have a farewell party for her, so we would like to inform all parents the school will close at 2pm on the 23 August and there will be no aftercare so that we can throw her a private staff farewell party.



Amber and Michelle


Happy Valley is a private pre-school that offers excellent professional care for your little one from Monday to Friday 7am- 5pm.

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