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This class caters for our 3-4 year olds (Grade 000). Each child has their own locker in which to store their belongings, and we have our own toilets and changing room adjacent to our classroom. We also have our own outdoor area for our class’s messy play and sensory activities. The focus of this class is learning through play, and we follow the CAPS curriculum with weekly themes around which all our activities are based. We have our own extensive collection of fantasy play toys, puzzles, age-appropriate games and books. We are the foundation for the basic academic skills of numeracy, colours, shapes and language, and also focus on developing fine and gross motor skills.

We start our day with Morning Ring, where we discuss the week’s theme, adding to and developing it throughout the week. We sing, dance and play a variety of games before heading outside for a free-play period. We have a mid-morning snack, and then do a variety of artwork, sensory activities and group activities before heading out for another free-play session. After lunch in the dining room or picnic-style outside, we come back into the classroom for our story and afternoon nap. Each child provides their own mattress, pillow and linen, which is sent home every Friday for washing. Each child receives individual attention in a calm and loving environment, where we encourage sharing, friendship and celebration of our achievements. 

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Happy Valley is a private pre-school that offers excellent professional care for your little one from Monday to Friday 7am- 5pm.

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