Rainbow Room

Rainbow Room

Admission Open

Our Rainbow Room unit is ideal for children aged 3-6 years old that will benefit from small, inclusive classes that are aimed at accommodating children with special needs.

Our Rainbow Room Unit provides:

  • Individual programs for each child to help him/her reach their full potential.
  • Support/guidance and assistance to parents and families dealing with “special needs children”.
  • Potty Training.
  • Limited class numbers.
  • Fully qualified Remedial and Special Needs teachers.
  • Daily sensory integration.

Our class times run from 7:00am until 2pm. Only 6 children are accepted into this class, upon assessment. This class is run by a qualified remedial teacher and trained classroom assistant.  

Included in your monthly fees are all therapy sessions needed, pertaining to a half hour Occupational therapy lesson once a week, a half hour speech and language therapy lesson once a week, a half hour session of play therapy and family counselling as well as 3 mile stone and sensory sessions a week with a  specialist who will work with your child. These therapy sessions are run by outside professionals who will be in constant contact with you about your child’s progress and abilities, and they will work with teachers on the best way to help your child on a daily basis. 

Holiday care is also included (excluding July and Dec holidays).

All children who apply for a place in our Rainbow room are to be assessed and parents are to attend an interview process. Please contact Amber to make an appointment for this.

Course Teacher (2 Teachers)

Amber Chipps

Amber Chipps

Bugs and Baby Bees Class Teacher



Grasshoppers Assistant Teacher

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